I think all my close friends know three things about me – one, I can digress. Case in point, one time I was talking to my boss during a faculty meeting and I don’t exactly remember how but I managed to bring in eating little chocolate pillows for breakfast which put the conversation to a halt. Two, I’m not a good liar. I either get caught or people just look at my face and they figure out I’m lying because I look guilty – maybe instead of a resting bitch face, I have a resting guilt face. Anyway – I’m digressing right now as you can see. Third – I know squat about cars. I know they have wheels and I’m surprisingly and disappointingly unobservant about cars and motorcycles. So there was once a time where all these three “qualities” of mine were tested at the same time. I think it’s safe to talk about it now because it’s been more than a year and everything has been sorted and some of the parties involved have already moved away from Japan.

When I first arrived in Japan and I mean like literally a week after I first arrived, I moved into my new apartment. This apartment came furnished with a bed and a couch but it didn’t have a stove or fridge or a washing machine. So my colleague (way before we started having regular tiffs with one another lol) offered to rent a car and drove me out to a place where they have secondhand electronic and homewear stuff. I had very little idea that it was far out and apartments in Japan didn’t come with these basic things like it did in Thailand. So he rented a car, we decided to split the cost as he said he also wanted to get a few things to get ready for his girlfriend’s arrival. So off we went and when we got to the secondhand shop, I was appalled at the prices simply because I have never bought a fridge or a washing machine ever in my entire life. By that I mean I had no idea if they were expensive or reasonable for Japan. To be honest, they felt expensive. Anyway, as we were looking at things, going through the aisles, I saw this brand-new looking washing machine and I saw that it was super cheap. I asked them why it is way cheaper than the other ones and their only answer was that it is very noisy. I inspected the washing machine – as in- I stuck my head into the machine and sniffed it and pressed the buttons like an idiot because it wasn’t even plugged in. As I exercised my limited mathematical abilities, I realised it’s really cheap (I converted everything to Thai baht) and even if I have to remove it, I’ll simply pay them to come take it back and of course they said – they would pick it up for a fee but I can’t sell it back to them. I decided I’ll take it and off I went to another aisle in search of a fridge. The fridge was a different story – some really cheap ones had weird or even disgusting smells like something died in them. But I finally found myself a really nice fridge – pricey but hey – at least it smells clean and looks brand new. After I paid for everything we realised the two things didn’t fit into the small car we rented – duh. So I paid them extra to deliver it and we finally got back and had everything sorted – the Japanese secondhand shop people did not help me set up the washing machine and I had the worst time setting it up and screwing things in later that day. Anyhow, my colleague left me and he went to return the car and about two hours after he left, I got a message from him saying he had hit a lamppost and that he was at the police station waiting to be charged for driving without a car driver’s license. I lived in Thailand and Burma – no offence to these countries but driving without license is a serious offence but it isn’t as much of a big deal there but in Japan it is a major offence. So fast forward to a couple of weeks, I was asked to visit the police station to be questioned as a witness to a “crime” I wasn’t even present to observe.

Wait for part II. 😀

Me inspecting the washing machine at the store.. that’s what I thought I would look like – some of my dirtier friends on fb commented stuff like..”I see an opportunity here.” I guess I have a dirty mind too since I got that.

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