it’s okay to not be okay
care very little about what others have to say about you
remember that it doesn't matter if your story so far has been less than desirable
your past mistakes don't make the sum total of who you are 
you're not a bad person for expressing your discomfort 
you're allowed to be sad 
there's no time limit for recovering from trauma, it comes in waves
it's okay to think you deserve better 
it's okay to dream 
it's okay to change your mind 
it's okay to walk away 
it's okay to lie in bed and hide under the duvet some days
it's okay to ugly cry, you don't owe pretty to anyone
it's okay to love yourself and take care of yourself 
it's okay to grow old 
it's okay to be single, no matter how old you are 
it's more than okay to be yourself, in fact 


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