This week was very happening. It’s just how life is I guess – I was feeling rather down and unaccomplished as I do every month without fail, and then the universe is like, no way mate, we’re going to throw random issues at you and light a fire under your bum.

It’s a new week again?…uugggh..

Humanity has come a long way since the dog ate my homework excuse

Last week during one of the morning meetings, my boss peered into the camera on Zoom, and said we have received a bomb threat and that the bomb was expected to detonate at Tuesday 5:00 pm., suspiciously around the same time a big test was scheduled (allegedly). Needless to say, I was a bit speechless and as I looked around the Zoom meeting room full of faces of teachers who look as if they’re in pain from having to attend this meeting, I found no emotion other than the usual quiet contemplation of when is this meeting going to be over. I was lowkey freaking out – bomb threat? Why? Also if there were any group of people who could possible be really disgruntled and their patience stretched very thin under the current circumstances, it would be our students. They have had to pay full tuition fees and whatnot but have been getting subpar education this whole semester while being holed up in their dorms or in their parents’ houses. So yeah – if anyone is unhappy and would like to blow up some things, it might not be a good idea to shrug it all off. Anyway as all of this was happening in my mind, my boss continued and said that we should all take a break on Tuesday just in case. So Tuesday came and went, and the campus was open until 3:00 pm because in Japan, even terrorists are expected to be on time. haha .. inappropriate if things did get blown up but as it turned out, nothing happened as expected and predicted by some of the senior staff. The rumour around the island is that many universities have received such threats and it is most definitely a student who is unprepared for thebig test. I still don’t know to which big test they are referring to.

Corona revisits Nagasaki

One more thing that happened last week was there was one new case of corona virus – apparently it is one of our university students. So if the big bomb threat didn’t make us all like frenzied headless chickens, it was this one new case. Things close down for a bit and people started becoming very suspicious of sniffers and sneezers. My Badminton meetup was cancelled, but it only lasted for a day and now it’s all back to normal again. I was sneezing rather violently at one point and my friend (bless him) offered to call in the ambulance for me and that jolted me into feeling better because it felt like a threat and it worked. I have been extra careful because it is summer vacation for me next month and I wish to be alive to enjoy it.

Kyushu Flooding

If you’ve been watching news, you might have seen that there are floods on Kyushu in Japan. That’s the island I reside in and the floods are like 2 hours away from my city. On Monday, my phone started blaring out of the blue and I dropped it because I was startled and by the time I got it to work again, I had no idea what the message was about or where I could find it again. So naturally, I called my Japanese colleague and she told me it’s the alert for the floods. I must say I was concerned even though I live atop a frigging steep hill. I must really learn to read and speak Japanese properly. I’m glad to say I’m safe but sad about the landslide and flood victims.

Anyway, that’s a wrap for last week. I’m going back to checking essays and vlogs from my students now.

4 thoughts on “Nagasaki Update: What a week

  1. Another nice drawing! I am loving your skills.

    So, your friend scared you into feeling better? Does that work? Or, did fear sweat out the bug in your system? Was that the time you felt ill and I hoped you felt better?

    A sneeze, I doubt, is the first sign of the big bad bug. I’d say a fever, dehydration (signaled by a migrane) and general flu-ish feeling would be a scarier sign. Full-body aches would be a red flag.

    That is a big island if a flood is two hours away on the same island? If you drive two hours from my hometown, you’d just about cross the entire state.

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