Me and me this weekend …fun times

I’ve been so tired. I was ill for the last three days and I thought I had finally contracted Covid-19 because I probably have not been taking at least two minutes to wash my hands. I thought I felt better on Saturday and went for a stroll but wasn’t allowed to enter a museum because my body temperature was elevated. Oops. Anyway I did stay home for three days and what I learned is that I can be utterly annoying. See above picture for a reenactment of what went down on Sunday. I consistently tire myself out with a lot of self-talk, some negative, some positive throughout the weekend. It was draining. Now it’s Monday here and I’m back working. I think I can see my depression setting in – tiredness, fatigue, low mood, mood swings, avoiding sunlight and social interactions. Prior to meditation and journaling, I would be unaware of the signs and and would be caught off-guard. Now that I’m aware I can be prepared for it and do something about it I guess. I find drawing, writing and calming music help.

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