So we’re technically not under quarantine anymore. My city, Nagasaki, is back to business with some social distancing measures in place. Our classes, however, are not back to regular and I’m forgetting how to use a chair because I’ve been teaching from home so much and I do not own a single chair in my apartment. I do have a small couch I use when I read and draw but not when I teach because it gives me double chins and one do not want to show one’s double chins unnecessarily. Although this has got me thinking when is an appropriate time for double chins? I guess when it happens, it happens. Well, I digress because what I really want to talk about is the attack of the fruit flies in this pre-summer, rainy weather. I cleaned and cleaned yet the buggers persisted for about three days and finally – this morning, they’re gone because of the fairy-liquid, vinegar and sugar combo as suggested by my mum and my bff. Random fun fact about fruit flies: they can live up to 50 days. Also the amount of fruit flies I’ve squashed makes me believe that I am definitely going to fruit fly hell – I’m going to die and reincarnate as one of them and some person with thick glasses will squash me endless times until I finish repaying for all the fruit fly murders I committed. My – what a lovely thought. Is it how this karma thing works for us Buddhists? I really must read up more on this. Anyway – happy mid-week to you all from fruit-fly ridden Nagasaki. 🙂

this pic basically sums up my week – turning my frustration into art is my new thing now 🙂

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