Loving myself has been the key topic in my therapy sessions as of late. As part of my therapy, I journal most days, a way to touch base with my mind.

Electric autumn hair alert :)l

So for this week blog post, I thought I would list the ways I loved myself.

  1. I vegged out on the couch in my yoga pants because my period pain was killing me. I took a break from working out everyday by giving myself a rest day.
  2. I went to the park and sat down with a good book and when dogs passed by me, I talked to the owners and hug their pets. I don’t know how to ask in Japanese, “May I pet your doggy please please please?” but people usually are happy to allow me to pet them and play with them.
  3. I wore a nice red dress and walked around town listening to music. I dressed up and make myself feel pretty for no person other than myself.
  4. I dyed my hair red and purple and one of my best friends dubbed it electric autumn leaves – I love it.
  5. I watched the sunset sitting under my favourite tree and watched all the glass windows of houses on the hills reflecting the beautiful sunset hues – red, violet, pink, and baby blue all mixed together. It was so beautiful and peaceful – I felt peace. Is this what peace feels like?
  6. I went jogging, I stopped when I wanted to and continued when I can. I didn’t judge myself for jogging too slow or too fast. (Trust me- it’s a constant internal struggle)
  7. I started apple cider vinegar even though it tastes like feet because it is good for my body.
  8. I celebrated not eating meat for over a month now. I’m starting to realise that I really didn’t like meat at all – I thought I needed it but now that I have decided not to, I don’t even miss it one bit.
  9. I called my parents and had tea with them online. We chatted – we talked about hair, ducks, meditation, skin care, and being strong independent women – my father mostly smiled and listened while my mum and I waffled.
  10. I cried after watching Derek. I cried while eating avocado nachos, with a face mask on and I enjoyed every bit of it.
  11. I made myself give time to studying Japanese. I’ve been making excuses for a year and a half and I have to say the joy of being able to read things around town after a few weeks of kicking my own butt has to be one of the best feelings ever! Sometimes you have to give yourself tough love.
  12. Lastly, I told myself – I love you. No conditions. Just I love you.

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