I swear, I swear, sometimes drama follows me. I usually just sit at home thinking of what to cook but I get roped into things I am not even aware of. The other day I was checking my messages on Facebook and I saw that I had some messages in the requests inbox as well. I usually ignore them because I get weird messages from “people” who may or may not be real. Anyway there was one message from what looks like a legit human being and her message was, “Hey…how did you know my boyfriend?” The date stamp showed that it was sent around the beginning of this month. I had no idea who she was nor who her boyfriend was. So I messaged her back asking who her boyfriend was. But having the patience of a teaspoon and Facebook being an open book for some people who don’t know how to set up their privacy settings properly, I found out that her boyfriend was this dude from university whom I’ve met a couple of times but have never actually shared even a single conversation before. He added me and I accepted him because I wasn’t thinking. I guess the thought process in my mind was he’s an old university acquaintance and we also shared mutual friends so it felt innocent enough. Probably shouldn’t have done it because this woman was full-on throwing shades at her now ex-boyfriend and also the other women he might have been with behind her back. She thought I was one of them and she was getting ready for an online showdown. So I replied back to her saying I don’t know her “boyfriend” and that I just accepted his friend request without any particular reason. She did not reply but I saw that she read my message. This morning, I checked and he had unfriended me. It gave me a good chuckle. In the words of Taylor Swift, I did not want to be part of this narrative to begin with, so I’m glad to be out of it.

A quick self-portrait 😛

I thought more about the woman. Poor her – how crazy would a woman have to be to monitor her boyfriend’s Facebook activities and send messages to women she has never met before to ask how they knew him. I take the cake for being the person who’s got left behind one of the worst possible ways but I have never had the urge to talk to the other woman. I just let him go. If he wants to leave that badly, or if he is giving you enough reason to make you think that he’s cheating on you, let him go, sister. He’s definitely not worth it. What would she have done if I said we were together? That would just confirm that he is in fact cheating on her. I guess it really is up to individual woman to decide whether she wants to continue this kind of relationship. From my experience though, I can assure you it has been 100% better being alone than to be with someone who makes you feel lonely or a bit crazed in her case. It’s good that their relationship has ended I guess (here’s me totally getting up in other people’s business).

I have enjoyed this little bout of drama because living in the times of Coronavirus has been rather taxing and my back hurts after sitting to teach for hours on end.

5 thoughts on “Corona Diary: Drama..drama..drama..

  1. I’ve definitely noticed that many couples in Myanmar tend to log into each other’s FB accounts and read their messages. Do they really distrust their partner that much or is their suspicion warranted, I wonder?

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    1. So this makes me wonder – why would anyone be so stupid to let their passwords be known to their suspicious partners if they were going to cheat. Case in point – I never knew my ex even had FB- let alone him publicly declaring his love for another woman while I thought we were planning to get married. LOL So the moral of the story- don’t tell them your password and also maybe don’t cheat. I’m so far away from Myanmar people’s FB usage tendencies but I must say from what I can see, Burmese FB is full of fake news and “ridiculousness”.

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  2. LOL.. Before I even respond to your comment I have to say this- this is the longest comment I have ever received on my blog so I’m rather chuffed (I don’t know if that makes me a sad person). See.. I don’t accept friend requests willy nilly. I just thought he was part of my old university network – a mistake which in the end turned out to be a weird sort of blessing in disguise because you commented and another person commented on my nonsensical blog post! Also I used to stalk my ex on FB also and it took me about 5 therapy sessions to stop doing that but FB is not all that bad. It really just depends on how you use it and whom you add as friends I guess (I sense an irony here). Maybe if you had lost touch with people and they haven’t bothered to connect with you through emails and whatnot, they might not be worth getting on FB for. P.S. He did not have a pretty face. I do though. LOL LOL

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      1. Work is tough. I love my job but I teach English as a second language as a Burmese whose first language is not English. So much racism and microagressions everywhere unfortunately.

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