I know.. I know..we as a collective are going bonkers with the loss of human contact and we all wish for normalcy as soon as possible. Even an introverted mole rat like me can’t wait to teach back in the classroom and see my students’ faces. I’ve been reading and drawing loads but I’m also super busy with lesson planning these days. However, I want to recommend you guys one of my favourite films of all time. Watch The First Wives Club on Netflix if you haven’t yet. It’s uplifting and it’s about women standing up for women and female friendships. While I rewatched it for the umpteenth time, I even made a quick sketch of the ladies with one of the iconic lines from the film and also the song of the same name by Lesley Gore (Check out her live performance of the song in 1964: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDUjeR01wnU). I thought I would have so many witty and quippy things to say about this film but all I can really say is that it’s a good movie. It’s one of those rare Hollywood stories which deviates from the typical romantic comedies where boy meets girl and then happy ending. It’s about meeting yourself and doing what you can to get yourself up after being knocked down. It touches lightly upon generational gaps between what is considered “acceptable” for women of certain age and it also allows these differences to come together in the end, just like the characters did at the end of the movie. So here’s to female friendships!!

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