I started dating not so long ago. I was in a relationship for a long time and I never really dated before that. But since I started dating, I have quickly realised that I needed to employ a mechanism to separate the good from the time wasters. A litmus test if I may say so.

So one of my go-to topics before I decide if I even want to consider spending my precious time going out on a date with someone is to talk about



reusable period pads.

That’s right ladies. I talk about reusable period pads. I quote statistics on the amount of plastic waste that women produce in their average lifetime in terms of using menstruation products and how useful reusable pads are. I also include little anecdotes like how one time I couldn’t get the moon cup out of my body and how my best friend had to tell me how to do by reading up from Google while I cried on the bathroom floor. Also the time I burned my moon cup boiling it. Those things usually make people laugh (or not). An average guy response to all this would be to say something like oooh interesting. A really decent guy would say it’s amazing that you do that to reduce producing plastic waste and that while it’s a bit weird to bring it up, they still find it interesting. A jerk would be like ew why would you even bring that up. So now you’ve weeded out the jerks from the proper men, you can push a bit further by talking about period waterfalls, the cramps and the mood swings (don’t do it in an unpleasant way of course – just do it in a light-hearted joking way). Usually a compassionate man would say something along the lines of how he can’t imagine the pain women go through and how he had also noticed their mothers, sisters, ex-girlfriends or girl friends in pain before too. I think it is a positive thing if that person can carry on chatting with you after you bring that topic up without freaking out or being grossed out. So if they pass that level, I consider going out on a date with them if they are still talking to me of course. lol

Just as a side note though you guys should know I usually don’t go on a lot of dates so I wouldn’t take my word for everything. This is just a fun litmus topic for me. I’ve learned that how people react to “sensitive” issues like this tells so much more about them than they let on. I also learn more about what type of a cool bitch I am – I really don’t care if a man decides he doesn’t want to go out with me because I have opinions. I don’t want to waste my time with childish emotionally stunted people either. So there – be true to yourself ladies.

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