A year into moving to Nagasaki, Japan and I am starting to fall in love with the city. I used to complain how quiet and isolating it is and the city still is but I must have changed. Somehow I feel at peace mentally and physically, a type of happiness and contentment I have never felt in my entire life. I guess life really wanted me to get to know myself more and it turned out I am pretty nice to be with. So humble the girl. haha

My weekends are full of me-time, walking around the city, listening to podcasts, catching up on my reading and cooking up delicious meals. I would like to be more productive though in terms of physical movements and more dedicated to learning a new language and a new skill. Also of course consistency, purpose and dedication with the blog and the drawing and I feel I am working towards them.

A year into and my limited observations about Japan and Japanese people have been nothing but positive. Today I went to the market to buy some dried shrimps and two lovely things happened. One, the lady in the shop taught me how to say dried shrimp and another lady gave me a punnet of cherry tomatoes. A few minutes later when I walked past their shop again, they waved back and said to come back again and of course I will!! And I think I will bring them some nice veggie samosas! Two, I found fresh green chillies and it made me want to hug the lady and I nearly did! Also I really want to take more pictures of Nagasaki so I’m going to have to get over and face my fear of looking ridiculous using a tripod and a remote in some cases to take good pictures.


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