A recap of my week – let’s start with the bra because one cannot not talk about bras as a woman. Last week we had a typhoon and it rained buckets and the wind knocked down big bikes. As I sat in my little room feeling the wind on my glass doors, I realised that my bras I had hung up a day earlier were still outside but there was no way I was opening the doors to grab them. So the next morning, I had to retrieve them from the parking lot under my hill. It was rather fun grabbing them off the roof of cars in my sports clothes as if I’m casually collecting bras on my way back from a jog. No car alarms were set off so that’s a bonus. If you haven’t done this sort of thing in your adult life, please do it.

The second thing is the sausage down the drain. I keep doing this. First, it was a fork and now it’s a sausage. I feel rather embarrassed about this and I need to ask my landlord and I hope it’s not going to cost me an arm and a leg to retrieve that sausage. I don’t want my drains blocked with a sausage. As the casualties in the pipe pile up, I think I will have to face the music and talk to my landlord about this. Should’ve known nothing good can come out of eating meat and all the more reasons to avoid meat.

2 thoughts on “Nagasaki Life Update: Flyaway bras and sausage in the drain

  1. I didn’t know any better then. Now I’m a happy vegetarian who is slowly realising I’m actually not a meat fan after all. It’s funny how you build these ideas about who you are and what you like over the years and you finally realise -it’s not at all what you assumed it to be.


    1. I love cooking chickpeas and veggie dishes at home especially now that the weather is all dreary here in Japan, it’s perfect for nice veggie soups. 🙂


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