A couple of months ago, I bought a tall glass jar with the hope of keeping it on my desk and writing down goals I want to achieve or to celebrate little victories like, ‘Walked a mile today and got in touch with nature.‘ so that by the end of the year, I would be inspired to try harder and be proud of myself when I read back these little notes. Well, right now, I would like to tell you that the jar is in my office full of tasty pineapple custard cakes which I bought from Taiwan at a night market.

It’s really funny because the guy who was selling it beckoned me to try the cakes and he kept saying goodbye to me which taunted me to buy a packet even though I don’t like pineapples as a cake. He kept saying goodbye to me and asking me to try new things, as if he expected me to not buy, because I look like a tourist who wouldn’t buy but would try a million things. Looking back, I think that was his strategy – to discombobulate me so much with the goodbyes and try this and that he befuddled me into buying a whole packet.

This man could possibly be the reason why my goals remain unaccomplished because when I got back home to Japan, I had nowhere to put those delicious custard (hey I was hoodwinked!) cakes so I had to put them in the glass jar. I also didn’t want to get fat alone so I took it to the office for J and D for days when we get on each others’ nerves the most.

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