So it’s our program’s tradition to take our students before the beginning of the semester to a camp (as in bunk beds and cabins) up the mountains of Nagasaki and this month we did it. It’s a palooza made up of several fun English speaking activities where the students get to know one another, get to know us teachers and of course become good friends. This is my first ever English camp and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I loved our students and I can’t wait to teach them this coming semester and the next! Everything was unique and new for me so I took plenty of pictures and Aki also took a lot of pictures but I’m posting the pictures from my phone to show you guys how awesome it all was!

This was my room at the camp. What a pleasant surprise! The little pink basket includes two face towels, a Japanese kimono/bathrobe, a pair of slipper and two big towels. The bed is a bit sparse and let me tell you, that small pillow has some kind of beads in it and it was rather bumpy for me because I like my pillows fluffy and soft. Ah but different cultures I guess.

This place is named the Ecological Hall and most of our activities took place in here. It’s a lovely place with the trees swaying with wind right outside the hall.

I took this picture around 7 am while walking from my room to the Ecological Hall. It was blissful and I breathed in the fresh smell of trees and the earth. Can you guys believe this is work?

Time for chants and posters. Us teachers of course had our own chant and our own name: The Misty Mountaineers and poster drawn of course by yours truly. You can’t see it all but if you could you will see J on top of the mountain far away from us as requested, D with his beloved camera and me faffing about along the stream with a whale.

On the second day, we went on a nature hike and came to this amazing place. D leading the crowd as usual a head above everyone else. I arrived short of two pieces of chocolate as some of our beloved students looked as if they were Frodo on the way to Mount Doom so I offered them replenishments.

Annnnd the view from the top is as far as your eyes can see across the horizon.

The Human Knot! The students were asked to stand in a circle and hold hands of another person other than the person next to them and after they did that for both of their hands, they’ll end up in a knot which they’ll have to work together as a group and use English to undo the knots. While this looks uncomfortable, they really enjoyed it and one group did it twice because it was so fun!

No camping activity should forget s’mores and a camp fire and we were lucky it didn’t rain. If it had rained, I believe they were going to put us in the gym and use candles for the s’mores! LOL One student gave me his s’mores because he saw I wasn’t eating – so sweet. They all enjoyed it. J played the guitar and we all sang, I’m Yours and Stand by me. We all did some chants and the students asked each of us some questions. Great job, Emi and Aki for building the fire. I don’t know what we would do without both of them, our Japanese coordinators.

Me in the middle with some of our students.

This is my favourite picture from the entire trip. I woke up one of the mornings for a nice walk and saw the pinky clouds in the backdrop of a really blue sky. šŸ™‚

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