So when I made the decision to start this blog, I knew I would be facing two big issues.

One being that I write my blog posts like it’s a personal diary and it could be too revealing and too inward. As a result, it wouldn’t be relatable to you, the reader. The point is I need to improve my writing.

The second issue is consistency. I tend to start things and then after about 3-months, the dedication fizzles out. Do you do that also? Start multiple projects, have books you don’t finish reading, unfinished paintings lying around the room collecting dust? If you don’t do this and if you are resolute with your decisions and finish things you start, you are amazing. I salute you. I’m working on my sticking-with-it mindset right now.

To tackle these two issues, I have joined a writing workshop on Skillshare! It includes classes taught by three amazing people, one of whom is no other than Roxane Gay! So I am super excited and ready to start writing my first assignment.

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