I think this picture represents my life in Japan quite neatly. It’s blissful but it can also get a bit lonely. (I took it with my tripod while I was in the sauna after swimming. The sauna is almost always empty.)

I have never imagined being in Japan. Before I got the job offer from Japan, I applied everywhere including Afganistan and Iraq (which I got the job offers from by the way). I was desperate for some kind of change. I wanted to leave Chiang Mai because I have been there forever. Just when I thought I will stop trying, I got a job offer from the British Council in Thailand. I took it and met the most amazing people there. 

Just when I was feeling at home somewhere, this amazing job offer came in. I took it because I know I will always wonder if I didn’t take it. So I packed my bags and left. I had one suitcase and one backpack. 

Now I’ve been here in Nagasaki for about 9 months. My things have multiplied and it surely won’t fit into a single suitcase anymore but I’m sure I can throw most of my old stuff away because they don’t “spark joy” anymore. After all, this is where Marie Kondo is from. I miss Thailand dearly. I miss the ease, my old room, the cheap and delicious fruits and food, the gym, weekend cafe-hopping and the community of friends I had there. This makes me wonder sometimes why I’m here. I guess I don’t like that Japan makes me think about life in a different way, the way I have been avoiding my whole life. A harsh look at reality. 

I feel homesick sometimes when I talk to my parents and my sister. But I don’t really know where my home is anymore. It makes me sad because I guess I want to belong somewhere. But I still don’t know where that place is or if it even exists. 

But I know one thing. Being alone in Japan so far has taught me to value friendship, and family more than ever. I have a brand new sense of recognition for the few but meaningful relationships I have built over the years. I am never one to filter my thoughts or pretend. So I know that if anyone is still friends with me up until now they definitely get me. I think that’s a good realisation and any place that makes you think of this can’t be that bad (so I keep telling myself). 

I have many things I want to say. Some relatable, some funny, some about Burmese literature, some about the amazing books I have read just to name a few and the list goes on. I also want to write. I have always been a writer. I just don’t like sharing it with others. However, I started this blog because it’s something I have been meaning to do for a long time. So here I am and my first post – a bit dry just like my skin at the moment from all the swimming. But hang in there – it will get colourful in the most ridiculous ways sooner or later. So watch this space. 🙂

4 thoughts on “My life in Japan so far

  1. And, she’s from Chiang Mai! The monkey capital of Thailand! It’s on my travel wish list. I’m sure the monkeys will get on my nerves, but I’ll get right back on their nerves, cuz I am part monkey! 😛

    If you ever feel like going back, again, maybe you can take me along and be my guide. 😀


      1. LOL….so you have zero control over your feelings eh… there aren’t monkeys in Chiang Mai – they are more monkeys in Phuket and the smaller islands. 🙂


        1. Don’t be concern. They are beautiful women. No monkeys there – unless you go to the zoo or the Night Safari. There’s one chimpanzee who throws dung at people who have ponytails. LOL


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